Now you can access KJC’s music courses wherever you are! We have officially started KJC Online: the online extension of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory to make excellent music education available globally. 

These classes are taught by our skilled Nepali and international faculty members who have experience in teaching both in the virtual and physical format. We are welcoming students from all over the world to apply for these courses!

Join our Online Classes today.
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KJC Online Classes

About Us

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory has been educating and training musicians to hone their craft and deepen their creativity for over a decade. We provide holistic musical education and all the tools required to shape our students into competent musicians who are adept at expressing themselves artistically.

Online Courses we provide:

Open conservatory

This is an open course for musicians who have limited time to invest in music but are still passionate about it. We provide an hour or half an hour of private lessons per week on voice, piano, guitar, bass, violin and sitar.

Music Theory

Along with instrument classes KJC offers two hours of free introductory music theory classes (Rhythm and Harmony) per week for 4 months to all students.

Eastern Music appreciation

This course offers, through practical and theoretical examples, a holistic understanding of Eastern Classical music and the culture surrounding it.