Classes over the internet

We are trying to reach out to as many students as we can to provide the best music education available in Nepal. There is an irony that our culture is so rich in music but at the same time, music is taken for granted in modern Nepal. Our culture has a huge untapped potential in music because our education system has yet to catch up to the rest of the world in this field. We don’t want to negotiate on the quality of music education available in Nepal. We are bringing more and more international faculty to Kathmandu every year to bridge this gap. On the other hand, we are trying not to focus only in the capital and are developing books that can reach otherwise unapproachable places in Nepal.

As the internet permeates our lives more and more, it seems now that looking a few years into the future, computers are the best route we can take in reaching an audience that is truly a nation-wide spectrum. We are working towards a new avenue in music education. We are in collaboration with Derek Beckvold and Bob Jordon on their project Teach to Learn, in which some of our faculty and students are already taking lessons for free from elite musicians in New York and around the US via the internet.

We are working towards giving skype lessons to students anywhere in Nepal. Please let us know if you are interested at so that we can expand our program.  

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