KJC Diploma

These courses are designed for serious musicians. They strive for an all round education with all areas that associate with being a professional in the field. We have three categories of these courses which are based on the age range of applicants.


This is a 2 year course designed to train musicians in heightening their musical and performance abilities and to prepare them for the rigor and standards of further study in international institutions. Students pass through various levels of graded study of academic rigor including instrumental coaching, ear training, advanced music theory, arranging, ensembles, history etc. The Higher Diploma is audition based.

Taught by highly qualified and experienced local and international teachers from Conservatory of Amsterdam, Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam, Berklee college of music, Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen, Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello.

Higher diploma selection process:

All students are required to audition. Skype auditions and interviews can be arranged for International students.

The audition will be approximately 15 minutes long and will consist of the following.

  • A prepared piece of your choice
  • An improvisation over a harmonic vamp, simple-form blues, or a standard tune
  • A reading selection
  • Melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ear training exercises
  • Strong theoretical and aural understanding of the fundamentals of Tonal harmony.
  • Major and Minor scales
  • Key Signature
  • Chord functions
  • Strong interest/curiosity in Jazz music.

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This is a programme for ages 13 and above, succeeding the Elementary Diploma, designed to develop the young learners’ technical and creative abilities on their instrument, to develop their aural abilities, and to enhance their understanding of musical expression and appreciation.


This is a programme designed to equip young learners age (8 and above) with a creative, intuitive and aural understanding of their instrument and the foundations of musical expression and appreciation.

Learners enrolled in all levels of diploma explore these objectives through courses in Improvisation, Composition, Aural Skills, Instrumental Study, and Keyboard Studies, in addition to participating and performing in an ensemble led by senior faculty.

Our focus is to provide quality education. No matter their style, level and ambitions, our students receive an overall training. All of our teachers are active performers, some of the best musicians from the Kathmandu music scene.

Private lessons

We offer private and group lessons of one hour (or 30 mins) on Piano/Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Saxophone, Violin and eastern instruments like Bansuri, Madal, Tabla etc.

Along with instrument classes KJC offers two hours of music theory classes (Rhythm and Harmony) per week . After the completion of the 1st semester, students can follow 1 ensemble or enroll in specialized classes.

Not only do we believe in offering quality music education, delivered by highly trained educators, but we also want to create a space for students who are surrounded by musicians of different ethnicities and backgrounds, exciting ensembles and jam sessions. Our students play in numerous events many of them which are in a professional context.

Software and Tech

Learn how to use technology to your advantage with these courses that can train you for a lucrative career as a music tech. There are many classes to choose from which teach advanced fields and also areas that are much needed in the day to day life of musicians such as graphic design.

We also have the infrastructure of a 50 inch TV and the fastest MAC on the market that make it easy to teach and understand these tech classes


This two month long crash course is taught by Manoj Kumar KC director for Katjazz Recording Studios and guitarist at the classic prominent Nepali band 1974AD. The course also features lessons from our in house recording engineer and music producer Manzil Bikram KC.

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Whether you are a musician who wants a better unique sound every time you’re on a gig or you want to be a live sound technician that wants the perfect mix for your venue every time, this course is for you.

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Take your first step into the world of VJs, where we create live graphics that can be projected on stage or be fed into large LED screens. Watch as the colourful visuals twist and dance reacting to the music.

This highly lucrative career waits you. We will learn to use the software Resolume and practice the basic applications of this software in relation to the practical Kathmandu scene. You will also learn what you can do next to really amp up the standards here in kathmandu and be the best.

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Have you ever struggled to promote your band or event? Are you looking to learn how to use the tools available in the Adobe package to make posters that are made fast but are also attractive?

Learn to make posters with us using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

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Specialized classes

KJC believes in a holistic approach to music education. These specialized classes help you sculpt an all round perspective of music, which is necessary if you want to be a professional musician.

Some of these classes come all included in the packages, for example: The Music Theory course is included in most of our packages and the Jazz Improvisation course is included in the Diploma programs.

If you have prior knowledge, you can even take one of these courses as a stand-alone experience!


The goal of this class is to familiarize all students with the rudiments of music through the exploration of rhythm and harmony. This class is mandatory for all music students.


We offer ensembles (teaching how to play in a band) in different music styles and formations (Jazz Fusion, Western Classical, Rock..)


The choir rehearses once a week at KJC. The repertoire will cover songs in many different styles; from Gospel to Jazz to African music, with the aim to have a grand concert after each two months project or each semester.


A program designed for children between the age of 4 and 7. The child will be introduced to music in a fun and interactive way. .

Music is a very powerful tool for education. Kids improve their brain and learn coordination, social skills, improves memory and discipline. Read more about the benefits of music education for children.

Courses available

Group Lesson
1hr/ week

Drop-in class: Rs 750/-

Registration: Free

10 days of fun surrounded by music and arts. Bring your children to explore an instrument, learn basic music concepts, dance, do a recording at a professional studio and many more activities

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Development of aural skills through the study of sight singing, musical dictation and keyboard exercises. Requirement: complete Music Theory or pass the Placement Test.


The first section will cover arranging for small ensembles, the continuation will emphasize arranging for large jazz band. Requirement: complete Music Theory or pass Placement Test.


An intensive study of jazz improvisation through classroom performance on voice or instrument.  Emphasis will be placed on scales, chords, modes, harmonic progressions and musical patterns which are common to the jazz repertoire. Requirement: complete Music Theory or pass Placement Test.

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