Crash course: Recording Arts

Become a sound technician. Applicable for either creating a home studio or for work in a professional establishment this course will set you off on your career towards creating better music.

This two month long crash course is taught by Manoj Kumar KC director for Katjazz Recording Studios and guitarist at the classic prominent Nepali band 1974AD.

Work as a studio technician at a Recording studio, Television, Radio station, Ad agencies, NGOs and INGOs or various other media production fields with the knowledge of

  • Basic sound theory
  • Studio setup
  • Basic room acoustics
  • Building a personal studio
  • Microphone placing
  • Recording equipment characteristics and handling
  • Mixer operation
  • Familiarity with DAW software
  • Recording different styles of projects
  • Basic live sound reinforcement
  • Basic on location/outdoor recording
  • MIDI recording and mapping
  • Sampling and synthesizer use
  • Mixing and mastering

Learn from our professionally active recording studio that has experience working with high-profile artists like  1974AD, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Rohit John Chettri, Bipul Chettri, Sambriddhi Rai, Albatross, Kutumba and many more. Use the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest studio equipment throughout the class. The course will be for two months and the price is Rs.20,000/- for the whole deal.

We only have a 6 seats available so please let us know your enrollment beforehand to secure your place.  Write to us at or 01-5543554