What can you do

You will be able to, as an individual, or as an association provide a Nepali student with the opportunity of music education that will guide them to a professional career in music.

Depending on the amount of your contribution you will be sponsoring one or more students in a particular way. We have designed a system with certain amounts to make it easier for you to know the costs of what your donation will be. Every little bit counts!!

What are the costs

We have come up with a set of options to guide you. Here is a list of the impact that different amounts of money can have in a students access to scholarship:

The total cost of studying in the KJC diploma for one year is 800 USD.

How much are you giving, how much students benefit::

$200 USD: Musicianship

– One year of core musicianship skills through theory, ear training, and composition as group lessons through the KJC Diploma Program – 128 + hours of instruction per year

$400 USD: Lessons

– One year of one-on-one instrumental music lessons through the KJC Diploma Program – 32+ hours of instruction

$800 USD: One-Year Scholarship

– One year of full scholarship for a KJC Diploma Program student, which includes 280+ hours of comprehensive music training over

$1200 USD: Mentorship

– One full scholarship for a KJC Diploma Program student, which includes 280+ hours of instruction, plus the opportunity to grow and mentor a group of younger Jr. Diploma students – another 30+ hours of mentorship

$1600 USD: Two-Year Scholarship

– Full scholarship for one student for the duration of two academic years  560+ hours of high quality instruction and skills building

$5,000 USD: Ensemble

– Sponsor a quartet of musicians for one year of full study in the KJC Diploma Program -1020+ hours of learning and engagement

$8,000 USD: Cohort

– Sponsor a full cohort of KJC Diploma Program students. That is 10 students collectively learning 10,000+ hours of instruction over one year duration.

Bank details

Swift code: HIMANPKA
A/C name: Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory Pvt Ltd
A/C NO.: 006 01684360012
Bank name: The Himalayan Bank, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal, P.O. Box 20551,
Telephones : +977 01 5010656, 5010654, 5010808, 5010809, 5010579, 5010593
Email : patan@himalayanbank.com

Please feel free to write to us at info@katjazz.com.np or abhisek@katjazz.com.np if you have any questions.

**These are just some suggested amounts for you to get an idea of the costs. At this point, every penny counts so, your contribution, however big or small will always go to our scholarship fund!

We would like to let you know that, unless you prefer to remain anonymous, the scholarships you provide for our students will have your name or the name of your association on it as a form of gratitude and appreciation.

All of our sponsors will receive updates about the scholarship students: videos, audio, news of their progress, etc. And if you grant a One-year Scholarship or a higher sponsorship you will have the option of having direct contact with your sponsored student or students, so you can hear about his or her experience first hand!

If you want to find out about who are the students benefiting from these sponsorships, Click here