Enroll for our violin lessons with Keri Mau

Beginning on April 1st, KJC is offering violin lessons with violinist Keri Mau, who will be joining us from the United States. KJC is excited and proud to have this teacher with more than 20 years of violin experience joining our team.

Keri is a wonderful violinist and charming individual. She received her Bachelors Degree in General Music and has been trained in the internationally renowned Suzuki music method. She has taught children of all ages across the United States, in Malaysia, and in Nepal. Keri is specialized in helping new students learn how to appreciate and play a musical instrument and will develop a flexible curriculum suitable to the needs of each student and their learning styles.

She is also a talented performer who participated in and conducted multiple ensembles and choirs of varying genres. Keri is experienced in classical, pop, Celtic, improvisation, and contemporary music.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn a new instrument or take your violin or string technique to the next level. Contact us for enrollment at info@katjazz.com.np or call 01-5013554



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