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KJC is an exciting multicultural hub. From traditional to fusion, jazz, rock and pop, our faculty, local artists and visiting foreign artists make it a melting pot for new ideas and styles.

We have many music industry professionals who have performed at many prestigious events all around the world. We also host many technical staff that specialize in Live Sound Engineering, 3D Projection Mapping and Visualizations etc. all of whom are available for your corporate events and other programs. We are partnered with Moksh which has an air conditioned auditorium and latest sound equipments, so if you want a package deal for all our services, you will get a price that no organization in Nepal can beat.

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Latest Events

Performing is one of the most essential parts of being a musician. Musical events are the platform for artists to share different styles of music, individual and band promotion and meeting new people and places.To develop a holistic music education KJC has been creating and providing platforms to aspiring local musicians through concerts and events. We create and manage different types of musical events for in- house and for our clients.

Events for Other Organizations

KJC has a long-running expertise of servicing clients providing high quality music shows on many different genres. We can provide:

  • Design and select genres of Music and Musicians/Bands for your event.
  • Production of sound, lights and stage set up.
  • Design and Print of Promotional material.
  • Event photography and video production.
  • General consultancy for events.

To hire our services, contact our coordinator, Sunita Shakya: sunita@katjazz.com.np