Fundraiser for our social projects and music scholarships

After years of development and ingenuity, we are proud to say we have become one of the best musical institutions in Nepal. Our students have the choice to study many different kinds of instruments.

Nepal is full of potential musicians who might want to pursue career in music.  Unfortunately, not all of these children get the opportunity. A lot of children are not offered music as a part of education due to financial constraints. Often, these are the children that need the respite and sanctuary of art the most.

So, KJC has created many social projects to help children in orphanages to receive quality musical education. We have been collaborating with House of Hope and NAG, two orphanages in Kathmandu for years, offering the young women who live their a quality education.

We want to sustain our support to the many students coming to our school on scholarship and the children of the orphanages we are working with. In order to do so, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to continue these for a year. If you want to support our causes please help us with this campaign. For further information contact us.

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