Heberer Family Scholarship : Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone

Olivia Gilmore is one of our foreign teachers from New York. Her musical journey has carried her on an orchestra tour to China, to the South of France to study trumpet and Jazz, to Lumbini, Nepal as a music teacher for a non-profit all girls’ school, and finally to here, to her new home at KJC. She is playing the trumpet with the girls of House of Hope, one of the orphanages that KJC is able to provide free music tuition to thanks to the support of our donors and fundraising events. Olivia is very happy and grateful that she has the opportunity to share her passion for the trumpet with the lovely, inspired young women from House of Hope. The trumpet has been a part of her life ever since she was their age and her new students help her to rediscover her passion for the instrument and also remind her of all the reasons why she loves the trumpet in the first place. The girls are advancing very quickly, providing both them and Olivia with much opportunity to grow and to explore this wonderful instrument.

On the trombone we have Pratick Baniya who is playing trombone in an internationally famous Nepali Band, 1974 AD. He is also teaching bass guitars and theory lessons in our conservatory. He is truly an exceptional all rounded musician.

On the Saxophone we have Inap Shrestha who is one of our most amazing success stories. Read about him here.
We are also offering free classes for all of the aspiring trumpeters, trombonists and saxophonists who would like to study with Olivia at KJC thanks to the scholarship provided by Betsy Conrad-Heberer, mother of Ray Heberer, one of our annual visiting artists and trombone teacher. Ray is based in Taiwan and is band director at the American school in Taipei. Contact us to find out more about our scholarship program

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  • by Ray Posted March 7, 2017 9:15 am

    Hi, the scholarship was kicked off with a donation from my mother: betsy conrad-heberer.

    can you please update this page (heberer-family-scholarship-trumpet-trombone-and-saxophone)

    thanks in advance!


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