Impromptu Music Sessions with Maria Fajardo

Fourth episode of Impromptu was sold out at Moksh on the 8th of April 2017. It’s always a treat to enjoy the musical blend from many different countries such as America, Spain and Nepal so Berklee graduate Maria Fajardo got together with some of the best local musicians to perform world jazz. Mahesh Tandukar (Guitar) ,Bijent Bikram Shah (Bass) who are band members of award winning band JFI whereas Santosh Ghimire (tabla) who has been playing for more than 14 years with national and international artists were in the impromptu band.

With dim colourful lights in a small cosy stage at Moksh, people swayed with the jazzy tunes. The Impromptu Music Session has been showcasing different bands created exclusively for this event with a selection of national and international artists. Maria performed world music including Latin, Brazilian and jazz-fusion, recreating tunes from Chick Corea to Luciana Souza, Hermeto Pascoal and Leo Blanco.

We and many of the audiences are waiting to see the next episode of Impromptu. We are glad to have such response and we crave to see this becoming bigger than this.

Check how our sessions sound like and give us feedback here!

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