Innovation in education – a step forward for Nepal

Every year the folks at Shrijanalaya, Karkhana and Quixote’s Cove put together this education fare where most of Nepal’s private schools attend to discuss and demonstrate new ideas to make education in Nepal up to date. In our age of 3D games and animated cartoons, our chalk and blackboard way of educating our children is quite primitive. It’s a problem that plagues many developed countries alike but it impacts us more because our school systems are not able to afford electronic equipment for every student. The US, for example, struggles to keep it’s children attentive in class and frequently diagnoses cases of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in students which is very controversial and unfair for these little kids.

Join us together as we team up with the leading schools in Nepal and try to change what we can about the education of the future of our generation. We have recently developed ‘Our संगीत Book’ to provide more structure to music education in our country. Music helps children be imaginative and tackle real world problems creatively. It helps children think differently and find solutions that others might not see. It helps them stand out from a crowd because of the leadership values inherent in the act of playing an instrument for people. It even gives them the mental tools to solve mathematical problems because of its structural similarity to music theory. Of course, all this is supplementary to the peaceful mental oasis it gives to the kids, sheltering them from the daily stresses of the modern classroom.

Education in Nepal is improving and so is the understanding of these roles that music serves to an individual. Even so 90% of teachers that teach in private schools have no qualification to prove that they are eligible to teach music at all. Not unlike any other field of education, just because you are a good music performer does not automatically imply that you are a good teacher as well. To tackle this problem in modern day Nepal, we have come up with the solution of providing Teacher’s Guides to go along with our book, filled with fun activities. The teacher will know exactly what to do regardless of their experience in teaching. Meanwhile, the students will be learning about music and music history without them even knowing they are.

The key thing that separates our book from the rest of the books in the market is that it is a book based on Nepali music history too. Not only does it teach the analytical ways of western music but it also teaches the spirituality and mysticism of music in Nepal

Come and join us this August at Innovation in education. For more details contact us at

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