International Jazz Day 2018

We are glad to end this year’s International Jazz Day with so much lively music and so many scholarships given to deserving candidates. We are also thankful for all the people that participated and learnt with us from the international artists.

We had workshops given by faculty from five different countries. We had an overwhelming turnout of people who were all very talented so it was definitely hard to select from them. We had to do so in just three days of workshops and a few auditions to determine who would get the five scholarships we were giving out for 8 months. We had visiting artists John Sharpley, Kailin Yong and Akiko Otao from the USA doing piano, violin and vocal workshops. We also had our faculty Daahoud Salim, Abhisek Bhadra, Maria Fajardo and Jacek Chmiel giving classes on their respective instruments. At the end of every day we had a concert where the participants from the workshop were to perform.

All the performances were amazing but the moment had come to choose. Everyone did wonderfully and we are happy to see so much talent and potential in the country. We ended up increasing the scholarships that we were going to give to 14. We also decided to give some combo scholarships as consolation to people who we thought deserved it. They can attend combo lessons and play with a band at our school for 8 months.

We also had other activities like movie screening at AFK and doodling workshops before the main days of concerts. It is great to see other art enthusiasts also come by and check things out. We had the doodling workshop which artists or any beginner could learn the techniques to draw listening to live music and create a work of art on the spot. From the lessons these students could have an opportunity to practice this on the main day of International Jazz Day with all the awesome music.

The first of the main concerts  was the KCY orchestra. They played incredibly beautifully being led by John Sharpley. It was a classical concert incorporating traditional Nepali instruments into the orchestration. The next concert was The Acoustic Tour which was a day long concert all around the Gyanmandala building. The bands were playing simultaneously so that people could go in and out listening to each of them as if on a tour. The bands were of different styles and playing different kinds of music. The bands included Speakeasy which is getting a lot of press in Kathmandu with their 1940’s vintage swing style and also The Folkers who were playing Nepali folk music and include members of the prestigious band of 1974AD. All these events in the festival were open to the public so we were happyto see that many school kids also came to see the show.

The main day of April 30th International Jazz Day is celebrated all around the world at the same time. There were two bands that played that night that included most of the faculty from KJC and the international artists. The first band to perfrom was Fomofo which included Abhisek Bhadra on Keys, Jacek Chmiel on Guitar, Kiran Shahi on drums and Bijent Bikram Shah on Bass. They played instrumentals and featured Maria Fajardo on one of the songs. They were followed by Mueller time which is one of the only bands that play around Kathmandu but feature only originals. It has most of the KJC cast in it including a choir and a horn section from our faculty.

Thank you to all the sponsors for making this event a huge success and a great thumbs up to all the participants that were with us this April. Until next year follow us on facebook at for more events like this or call us at 01-5543554 for more information on the classes we provide.