Jamey Aebersold practice room

Jamey Aebersold is the leading jazz music educator in the US. His Play-A-Long series of instructional books and CDs, using the chord-scale system, the first of which was released in 1967, are an internationally renowned resource for jazz education. For over 50 years, Aebersold has also run summer jazz workshops at the University of Louisville. The week-long event is billed as a place to learn jazz through hands-on experience and provides an intensive learning environment for musicians of varying ages and levels.

Every year we send our most committed faculty or student to the Thailand Jazz Workshop in Rangsit University, Thailand all expenses paid. Mr. Jamey Aebersold helps us to achieve this. When we opened our school in 2007 Mr. Jamey Aebersold donated us our practice room. This is the only one of its kind in South East Asia. It has original music software that is used for composition, research and practice. It has software that can improvise solos over any chord progressions in the style of any artist you choose. It has countless authentic backing tracks that can be used to have a band play for you endlessly while you are soloing. It has an enormous collection of e-books from many artists all on the computer.

To know more about Jamey Aebersold visit his website here.

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