Jammin’ Thursday

Kathmandu is a vibrant place for music. Nepal has a long ancient musical heritage which is why the people here are said to have an innate sense of improvisation and rhythm. Our modern day Kathmandu has a lot of music in it and many venues featuring live music. There are Many places where you can hear  music both eastern and western music. There are many institutions to learn from too.

But there is one lacking aspect here. There is no such place where musicians can meet other musicians and just jam. Musicians tend to go to their school that they teach or learn from and they meet the people that are in their circle there. But Kathmandu is a big city. There are a lot of possibilities in this place and yet it is difficult to build a band here.

We’ve started Jammin’ Thursday at Moksh, Jhamsikhel which will feature one band that starts the show and then anyone and everyone is welcome to come and share their ideas and interests. We even have a list of songs that we announce at the beginning of every week so that people can preemptively learn these tunes to jam together here.

Come join us this Thursday at 7pm. Call us at 01-5543554 for more information.