International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is celebrated on April 30 with special jazz events around the world, simultaneously, featuring world class artists almost 200 countries every year. The event we are doing is part of this global line-up.

Our Goal

We, together with UNESCO have been doing this for 7 years. Many national and international artists have been part of its line up, and, we are back this year with many more concerts, workshops and scholarships to offer. Click on the schedule for more information.

All the classes these international artists will give throughout the festival are open to the public. We were able to provide classes to 100 students last year. From this pool, we selected the ones that performed the best, and awarded them long term scholarships to our diploma program. Due to our limited capacity, it is encouraged that candidates register as early as possible.

Recognized by UNESCO

Our international quality curriculum has been endorsed by scholarships from UNESCO. Picture: Head of Office and UNESCO representative, Mr. Christian Manhart, with UNESCO Malala fund for girls' scholarship recipient