KJC Foundation

This is our tenth year providing music education in Kathmandu. Our goal from the very start has been increase the overall level of music literacy. We’ve brought many international artists here for that reason.

The level of music education in Nepal is very low when compared to the rest of the world. Ironically Nepali people have a very intuitive understanding of music and many folk songs that we have are considerably complex when looked at with a modern point of view. If you are teaching any subject in school, you need qualifications to prove your ability to do so. We have a great gap in music education in children because teaching music in Nepal does not require you to do so.

To tackle this we bring international artists to Kathmandu and train our teachers and teach the students here at our conservatory. Our goal is to one day produce many teachers in Nepal that are qualified so that music education throughout the country is uniform.

KJC has been giving scholarships to more than 500 students since its inception. Every year it has been sending two deserving faculty or students to the Thailand Jazz Workshop in Rangsit University, Thailand, with most of the expenses paid. It has brought countless international level artists into Kathmandu. In 2016 alone there were more than two dozen artists that taught here and every year there are more high caliber musicians coming in to share their knowledge with us. We want to continue doing this and take this further throughout our country so we’ve established a non-profit KJC Foundation. This non-profit wing is going to be the face of KJC that handles all the scholarships and all of the social projects we have been conducting so far.

A lot of the people that have been involved with our school and know the nature of our work have been making micro-donations to us. These are monthly small donations that are very little for you but they are a lot for the people here. Donating the money equivalent to one cup of coffee in a month can help the music education of a person in the school. Donating the price of an album once every month can actually provide education to an artist here in Nepal. It can be the birth of a new prodigy. We always keep people updated on what we are doing with your contribution and who it goes to.
To make micro-donations please visit here .

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