Lindy Hop: Swing dance classes with María López

We’ve been a music school for ten years and we’ve trained hundreds of people to make music and also, more importantly, to hear music and understand it. The truth is that music exists all around us, in our heartbeats and in the gait of our footsteps. It exists in the subtle lilting in pitch at the end of a question and the exaggerated perfect fifths when a mother talks to her baby.

It is important to be able to feel music first if you are going to make it. We’ve opened our new dance classes so you can ‘swing’ to the music. Your instructor María López (Spain), will be teaching you Lindy Hop, which is an American dance style born in New York city.

It is a two-person dance but you don’t need to have a partner to join in the fun. One batch of 20 people is almost full. Apply now!

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