Music Education

Our focus is to provide quality education. No matter their style, level and ambitions, our students receive an overall training. All of our teachers are active performers, some of the best musicians from the Kathmandu music scene.
Lessons Package: The Future Musician (Beginner and Intermediate)

Our most popular program is called ‘The Future Musician’, an comprehensive package that will prepare students to understand and play music as well as to perform within a group.

All options include rehearsal space, use of equipment, performance experience, the possibility to record at our studio and becoming part of the thriving Kathmandu music scene.
Full Package
Private lessons – 4hr/month

Theory class – 4hr/month

Rock/Pop/Funk/Jazz Combo/Choir – 4hr/month

FREE: Combo recording per semester

Rs. 1300/drop-in class

Half Package
Private lessons – 30min/week

Theory class – 4hr/month

Rock/Pop/Funk/Jazz Combo/Choir – 4hr/month

FREE: Combo recording per semester

Rs. 1050/drop-in class

Group Package
Group lessons – 4hr/month

3 – 5 students

Theory class – 4hr/month

Rock/Pop/Funk/Jazz Combo/Choir – 4hr/month

FREE: Combo recording per semester

*Please note: Private piano lessons are 30 min. The cost for 1-hour private piano lesson is 7000/month (4 private lessons)

Advanced Students and Professionals

These classes are imparted by our teachers who are skilled performers and musicians from Nepal’s national scene. They will take your performing, composing and understanding of music to a next level.

For one-to-one lessons in various instruments and group lessons on music theory and combo performance, contact us here.

Commercial Music Production

Taught by studio experts, our commercial music production course is catered to those who want to learn the arts of mixing, mastering, recording and arranging.

  • Introduction to Sound and Acoustics
  • Microphone and Microphone Technique
  • Microphone and Microphone Technique
  • Recording Techniques
  • Introduction to DAW
  • Fundamentals for MIDI Techniques
  • Audio Effects and Sound Design
  • Music Arrangement and Production
  • Art of Mixing
  • Mastering and Media Preparation
  • Discover our studio
Learn Eastern Instruments

Whether you are a musician or just an aficionado, why not use your time in Nepal to learn a new instrument directly from skilled maestros that you would hardly find somewhere else?

To book lessons contact us.

MUSIC FOR Children

Music is a very powerful tool for education. Kids improve their brain and learn coordination, social skills, improves memory and discipline. Read more about the benefits of music education for children.

Courses available

Group Lesson
1hr/ week

Drop-in class: Rs 750/-

Registration: Free

10 days of fun surrounded by music and arts. Bring your children to explore an instrument, learn basic music concepts, dance, do a recording at a professional studio and many more activities


Our संगीत book

Having a well structured music education course in Nepal has been one of our prime goals. Our schools in Nepal now have access a music education course that is tailored specifically for our country so children can learn more and have fun at the same time.

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory presents Our संगीत Book for all the schools in Nepal:
We are extremely delighted to be publishing our first music book: “Our संगीत Book 1”. After years of experience and hard work we have put together a tool to improve music education in Nepal. It includes activities that would involve you physically and use your creativity in learning music. Thanks to Albertina Barceló, Author and Bhintuna Rajbhandari, Co-Author of this book for their contribution to create the first music book of Nepal.
Please contact us for further inquiry at 01 5013554/ We welcome schools all over the country to take a step ahead and include music in their curriculum.

Click download to learn more!

If you already have the book!

Here are some cool resources you can use! These are meant to be used along with our book! Enjoy it anyway. Contact us for details!

Workshops - For students and music professionals

KJC is a multicultural hub where people from different backgrounds exchange their knowledge. Every month we offer workshops from visiting international artists and arts managers on a wide range of topics: from composition to rhythm to music business.

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Book a rehearsal room

Many recognized Nepali and visiting international artists consistently use our facilities to practice and record because of our state-of-the-art facilities and friendly environment.

If you need a room to rehearse individually or with your band, our conservatory counts with prepared facilities: individual cabins with three acoustic pianos, drum kits, guitars, bass and violin and two rehearsal rooms with keyboards, mixers, PAs, amplifiers and drum sets.