Music with your friends

Do you have some friends that you play the guitar with around a fire when you go out camping? Do you stay over with them at a barbecue and play and sing all night long till you run out of songs but end up repeating the same songs and keep the party going anyway?

Well, bring them over to us and learn so many new songs that you can keep going till the sun is up. You will learn how to learn when you are with us. We have designed a new package that allows upto 5 people to go per class, and at a modest rate too. You can even make new friends who are as passionate as you are in music when you meet them at the school. If you’re on a budget, do music as a living and aren’t eligible for a scholarship yet then this is the package for you! KJC is where the who’s who of the Kathmandu music scene hangout and it is an honor to be a part of this team. If you have friends that can’t sign up yet, we’ll put you together with people who are on the same level as you.

Get your subscription today and join us at or call us on 01-5013554 to get more information.

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