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Break Dishes



Can Drop


Grand Clock

Open the door

Water Drain

Closing Gate

Vacuum Cleaner / Hair Dryer

Iced Coke


Phone Ringing

Phone Call







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I’ve Been Working on the Railroad | Family Sing Along – Muffin Songs

Ten Little Indians | Family Sing Along – Muffin Songs

Bimbaakash-Khai [Lyrical Video]

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt | Nursery Rhymes – ABCkidTV

Sesame Street: Quiet or Loud:


I Knew You Were Treble – Jeanette Young

“Lines & Spaces” Episode #9 Preview – Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music

The Sound of Music (4/5) Movie CLIP – Do-Re-Mi (1965) HD

SaReGa Music Academy – Shuddha Alankar practice – part 1

Rhythm Lessons

Queen – We Will Rock You (Official Video)

Moonrise Kingdom OST – The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Part 7 by Alexandre Desplat

Audio Guide for Movement

Follow Me (Children’s song) by Patty Shukla

Let’s Go To The Zoo I + More Super Simple Songs

Brain Breaks | Crossover | Brain Breaks Song | Cross the Mid-line | Jack Hartmann

Dr. Thomas Moore: Come Sing and Dance with Us

History of Music

Narayan Gopal – KEHI MITHO BATA GARA With Lyrics “केही मिठो बात गर ” || Nepali All time Hit Songs

Gopal Yonjan – BANEKO CHHA PAHARALE “बनेको छ पहराले” || Nepali All time Hit Songs

शुभकामना भरी… तारा देवी

Ritu Haruma Timi by Arun Thapa

1974 AD – Nepali Ho (Audio/Lyrics)