Lindy Hop classes with full swing and Recording arts

We are glad to see so many people joining our Lindy Hop swing dance classes tutored by María López, from Spain. If you want to make music, then you must learn to groove to it and enjoy it. You can join these classes even if you are not taking any of our regular academic courses. Lindy Hop is an American dance style from New York City from the 1930s, which has now resurfaced in parts of Europe and the US.

We are also announcing our seventh batch for the Recording arts by our director Manoj KC and studio engineer Manzil KC. If you are already a part of the school, you know that we have a built-in recording studio, which not only serves as a professional session space for many of the top musicians in Nepal but also doubles as a class for many of our students who want to learn more about the technical aspects of music production.

Apply now at or call us at 01-5013554 / 9813556945


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