Are you looking for an experience in the Himalayas? If you are a musician, a music teacher or an arts manager or you are studying any of these, you can help make a difference. Become an intern or a volunteer in this culturally rich, unique part of the world!

Nepal is home to the highest peaks on Earth with breathtaking views just hours/ few days away from our school which is in the bustling capital of Kathmandu. Meet the people here at our conservatory and live true travelling, being part of the local culture and building friendships with individuals that are a world apart but still speak the same language which is music. Wether you have finished your studies and are looking for working experience as an intern or you just want to share your knowledge as a volunteer, KJC can offer an unforgettable adventure.

This is a song recorded at our studios by one of our volunteers, Max O’ Hara. The video has glimpses of the life you can expect to have here.

Thank you Max for composing this beautiful music video!

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