Spring Camp 2017

We have spring, summer and winter camps every year here at KJC. It’s a fun way for the kids to relax from their days off at school and also learn at the same time.
The first day of the camp the kids are asked what their favorite instruments are. Most of them say it’s the guitar, piano or drums. That changes when the children learn about all the other instruments and see them in real life. We introduced them to the trumpet, the saxophone and the violin. They already knew what they were but they learnt about how it worked and what it sounds like. It’s surprisingly different to hear something new being played by a professional in front of you than you would imagine from a recording. These instruments are considered exotic here in Nepal even though they are quite mundane in the rest of the world.

Apart from music lessons we also have interesting ‘arts’ related classes ranging from photography to dance and Taekwondo. This helps the children explore their interests and discover their true talents.
We had creative writing classes where the kids had to write a poem, and we had arts and creative classes where the kids made different cards, emoji bookmarks and colouring classes. The most fun we had was at the indoor rock climbing we did where the kids enjoyed a lot. At the last day of the spring camp it was a performance day where the kids gave performance. They sang a song ‘Love yourself by-Justin Bieber’ followed by a dance performance.

Thank you for being a part of KJC and showing your kids a glimpse of the world of art which we explored together with them. See you in the next Summer Camp 2017 at the end of June!

If you want to discover more about our Spring Camp, check the Facebook album here or check out these videos!


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