Stories of Success : Inap Raj Shrestha

Inap Raj Shrestha, a well-known name on Kathmandu´s music scene, is one of the finest musicians in Nepal. He currently works as a performing saxophonist and as a teacher at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. He began his KJC musical journey in 2008 as guitar student and in 2010 followed his musical intuition to develop into a versatile and talented saxophonist. During that time, very few, if no one, played the saxophone in the beginning jazz scene in Nepal. Inap felt that it was his musical calling to bring this instrument to Nepal, so he began this stage in his musical adventure. In the same year he also became and remains the KJC music theory teacher. From the year 2011 he started playing with various bands and immersing himself in various genres: the KJC Big Band, Joint Family Internationale, Street Live collective, Silver Quartet. In 2013 he even became a member of the band Cadenza Collective which is one of the most prominent jazz bands in Nepal. In his first year, his bands landed multiple Hits FM Awards: 3 with Joint Family Internationale (Best New Artist, Best Composition, Best Performance), and 2 with Cadenza Collective. He also began teaching saxophone to the new KJC generation and performed in many international music festivals such as Jazzmandu. In 2015 he toured Europe along Cadenza Collective, the highlight of which was the Elbjazz festival in Hamburg, he fondly recalls. As for his feelings towards the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, he remarks on the wonderful communal environment and the opportunities of meeting people from all over as being a few of the many positive elements of this institution. Inap wishes to extend an inspiring message for the new generation on Nepali musicians, and in general to everybody by saying “Follow your dreams. Be honest to yourself. Live music, work hard, and results will be a byproduct. Never get tired of learning.”


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