Stories of success: Pratick Baniya

We have had many inspiring stories unfold before us in our years together at the conservatory and one of them is of our musical genius Mr. Pratick Baniya. He started out playing guitars in high school but now is one of the only trombone players in the country who is playing with our legendary band 1974 AD and is also the most happening bass player in town who has been playing in various bands like Madjazz Quartet, What the funk, Cultivation and the Himalions, KJC Nepal Army Big band, Majipa and several other blues and soul RnB bands. He has played with many international artists that have come to KJC like Ted Piltzeker, Ray Heberer, Billy Buss, Chloe Van Der Lek and many more.He also works as session bassist and can be heard in some songs of many famous people like Rohit John Chhetri, Ashesh Rai, Monkey Temple, Rustynails to name a few.

After joining KJC in March 2010 to learn bass with Rajat Rai and Marcus Dengate, he displayed his passion and enthusiasm for music and received a KJC Scholarship. He has always been at the forefront of honing his skills and attended master classes with the people like the Director of KJC, Mariano Abello, who as we all know travels the world playing the saxophone for a living, Bassist of 1974 AD, Nirakar Yakthumba who needs no introduction, Dr. Gene Aitken, Jazz Music Educator from US and Bob Sands from Spain.

He also learned some basic piano skills with Mayo Shimonishi, Japan and Juan Ortiz, Spain which is critical for a well rounded musician to understand and analyze harmony. During his musical journey, he has performed in various KJC concerts, gigs and some concerts in India too. Now he is touring the world with the sizzling bands that he is a member of.

Come learn more about his way to success and take bass classes with him at or call us at 01-5013554. Your road to success is a phone call away.

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