Who is benefiting from scholarships at KJC?

We have a lot of students at KJC who have been learning music by themselves for years and are now looking to expand their knowledge in order to be full time musicians. Some of these students come from backgrounds that do not allow them to afford this education. In KJC we believe that they all deserve to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. This is not only beneficial for the students themselves but, overall, the whole of Nepal’s music and cultural scene. We believe that providing these talented students with an education is supporting and empowering the cultural scene and, this way, uplifting the country to new and exciting opportunities!

Here is a small list of just a few of the students that have benefited from our scholarship program:

Samyog Regmi

After completing the diploma in Jazz and Composition with honours, Samyog was accepted directly into the Performance Masters Program in Utrecht in the Netherlands where he just completed his first year. During his time in KJC he arranged for a Big Band and managed to form bands with teachers and students alike. Samyog was awarded a full scholarship in KJC after his audition.

Sabin Ghising

Sabin is a Bansuri (bamboo flute) player. He studied classical Eastern music from his childhood but as he got older his curiosity led him to Jazz. He figured out how to learn to play solos of great masters of the likes of Charlie Parker on his diatonic instrument by himself. Sabin’s full scholarship has allowed him to have the opportunity of performing with Jonas Winterhalter’s Big Band for the Katjazz festival of 2019 and , amongst other opportunities, to be accepted to complete his studies at the conservatory of Codarts in Rotterdam, Netherlands earlier this year.

Sneha Lama

Raised by a single mother, Sneha has been interested in singing since she was still a child. She has been receiving scholarships from KJC since a very young age. When she decided to join the diploma after finishing highschool she was awarded a partial scholarship that soon developed into a teaching scholarship, she trained under our faculty to teach beginners and that way be able to afford her education and make some money for herself. In the fall of 2019 she was awarded a scholarship by the great drummer Jojo Mayer. Sneha has grown to be one of our most successful local teachers now and additionally she was accepted early this year, upon completing our diploma program, to study in the prestigious Conservatorium of Van Amsterdam.