Summer camp 2017

Get ready for the next children’s music camp of 2017! These camps are primarily meant to be musical although we have done many arts related activities in the past like Taekwondo, rock-climbing, photography and many more. Usually, in the beginning of the music camp, we have children try different instruments to see which ones they like. We ask them which instrument they like most before we start class and they reply “Guitar”, “Piano” or “the Drums” but by the end of the week all this will have changed. One of the improvements we can do in Nepal’s music education is the introduction of the vast multitude of instruments that are popular worldwide but our children are oblivious to. Even the saxophone is considered an ‘exotic’ instrument when it is a staple of most music internationally.

It’s not true that these instruments like the trumpet, the trombone or the saxophone are inherently more difficult to play or these children don’t like them. They are never exposed to them in an inspiring way by a person who really knows how to play them. They have never been moved or had the hair stand up on their skin listening to soulful music because unfortunately, our kids don’t have access to this. They are missing out on an way of living. They are missing out on music.

After the kids listen to our faculty play to them they can’t wait to try to play. They get to try many of these instruments here at our school that they might not even have seen in real life until this point. You never know. Your child might be above average at the guitar, but they might be a prodigy at the saxophone. Find out with us on Summer Camp 2017 which starts July 17 through till July 27. If you have any questions regarding these classes or how to enroll please call us at 01-5013554 or email us at

Here are some videos of music camps that we have done throughout the years. Enjoy!

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