Dev Lama

Storming in the music scene since 1999 Dev Lama is not only a name but very popular and one of the favorites in the country. His innovative style and ease of flow allows him to shift from rock to funk to jazz. Passionate and very serious about his stuffs and does not take “NO” for an answer. This guy never refuses to any kind of musical challenges. His teachings at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory started 3 years back where he had begun to study Jazz Guitar and Jazz Education and took lessons from Mr. Rajat Rai. Lama met and got chances to learn from some of the most distinguished jazz musicians and renowned educator on the international scene, such as Grammy nominated Dr. Gene Aitken, Bob Sands and many more. Currently Lama is playing in “What the funk” the very first funk band in Nepal which was introduced and formed by Nirakar Yaktumba.

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