Diandra Danieli

She is a professional international musician, performing more than 150 concerts in countries like Germany, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, USA etc. She has taught choral singing and technical diaphragmatic in Bologna and schools like Vocal Master School and Armony Dance. It’s a famous school directed by a RAI (national tv) choreographer in Rome.

She has wide ranging inspirations spanning from Miles Davis and Billie Holiday to NIN, Tricky and Portishead Grimes. She was teaching assistant to Nina Pedersen, a famous jazz singer and teacher, and at the same time has also done pop projects in collaboration with ” Othersound ” and ” Cicuta productions ,” with a vocal group directed by Maria Grazia Fontana and a collaboration with electro-rock group “The Banditi ” , Dyandra is currently self-producing her new project that sounds inner and representative of her personality.

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