Isu Shrestha

I was born and raised in Kathmandu. I learnt a chord from my father when I was 12 which put me on a journey I am still riding out.

I have a background in Electronics engineering, which helps a lot because music has evolved greatly into a mixture of science and art. As we have access to more sophisticated equipment in this modern age, it gives me a sense of calm to know how my sound is being conveyed to my audience.

I was drawn to the warm and airy ambience of KJC and I’m glad to have entered the faculty in September 2014. I fail to find words to express my gratitude of finding the amazing people I have met here. Music has changed my life and as I explore deeper into it, my perception of music has also changed.  I hope to show people how having an understanding of music can change you into a better person and make your world more beautiful.