Prajwal Mukhiya

Prajwal has been involved with kathmandu jazz conservatory since 2010, as a student and started working as a vocal coach after the leave of Olivia James, his teacher for about a year.

He got his junior diploma degree in eastern classical music at the age of 11 years old and resumed his training after his high school degree in western classical music for about 2 years. After that he joined in kathmandu jazz conservatory where he explored his musicality into jazz, funk, rock etc. He has trained under Olivia james(UK), Natalie Calderon(spain), Michelle Ko(korea), Kamal Chettri(nepal), and also performed in combos under the supervision of Dr.Gene Aitken and Bob Sands.

After he joined KJC he has performed with various groups in various gigs including ‘Black history month’ organised by the American Embassy, Australian day out, International jazz day, Hits Fm awards 2070, Nepal Music Education Festival, Sundance festival and many more.

Lately he has been involved with his funk group with all the members being the faculty of KJC called ‘What the funk’ which already performed all over the town and few major gigs.

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