Simma Rai

Better late than never. This has been definitely true in my case. Though I enjoyed singing, I had not taken any formal training in music.  I was taken by surprise when I won an intra-college vocal competition during my eleventh grade. I was quite excited by this experience. Later, during my bachelor studies, I started taking eastern vocal classes at Do Re Mi. But unfortunately I was not able to continue it for long. However, after I started working as a software programmer, I resumed my singing classes. I learnt about KJC from my friend Dev Lama who is a faculty at KJC. Joining KJC was a milestone in my music career. It has immensely helped me in providing a platform to learn about music, meet people and understand the field of music. I feel that my confidence and dedication to learning music is winning over my initial doubts.

I am learning both eastern and western vocals. I am a student of BhanuBhaktaDhakal, Natalia Calderon, SangitaPradhan and Marcus Dengate. I have also taken piano classes with Mayo Shimonishi and Juan Ortiz at KJC. Recently, I have recorded my original song and have given voice in few recordings. I also perform in various events occasionally. Currently, I am working in two bands and am working as a solo artist as well. I am excited about my new musical projects.

I am happy to be able to pursue my training in music. I think that the mere realization that we are learning something that we love is already very gratifying.

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