Visitors at Katjazz Records

Katjazz Records at KJC  is a hub for creativity. Many talented national and international artists like Rohit John Chettri, 1974AD, Keola Beamer and Kiran Nepali get together to record their music at our studio.

This month we had even more interesting visitors at our studio: Beautiful contestants from Miss Nepal 2017 for the dubbing of their introduction video, Sunil Upretty, the one and only legendary singer of Nepal who is well known for his song “Sagar jhai gahiro” and Kishor kyastha who needs no introduction, Nepal’s leading photographer who has been inspiration to many.

Our studio has a homely atmosphere. Have you ever tried to record yourself and you feel like you’re not sounding like yourself? Then you know how critical it is for the ambience of the recording studio to be inviting and comfortable. This is as important as the technical specifications of a studio. If you’re a part of KJC, then we’re sure you’ve recorded or played in our studio space many times. The more familiar you feel with your surroundings, the better you will sound, just like you sound at home. Record at our studio and see the difference.

These are some amazing sessions that were recorded in our studio. Thank you for all the artists that contributed!

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