Vocal workshop by Nadine Nix

She gave a masterclass that gives tools for creativity as a singer. The masterclass was for Higher Diploma students, but also open to the public. It was designed for people who are a singer or instrumentalist interested in the voice.

Nadine is a singer & percussionist from Belgium. In her music you will discover jazz, pop and folk influences, which blend into exciting and captivating world music.

She is teaching jazz vocals in Belgium and in the Netherlands and giving master classes globally. Nadine has also been involved in several projects, both as a lead singer and background vocalist, such as a Tribute to Joe Zawinul, Bord du Nord, and performed on stage with the world famous vocalist Bobby McFerrin.

A work of sonority of voice that can be used in different musical styles, starting from African rhythms, funk, or even Latin. Features improvisation for vocal, or scat with a sound and rhythm approach.