Women in music – Playing Brass

In our effort to improve the standards of music education in the country, we have explored many avenues. One of our scholarship programs focus on the girls from a local orphanage House of Hope. They are learning from international and national faculty about music. We are happy that there is an unprecedented involvement of women throughout the whole spectrum of STEM fields in Nepal but their participation in the arts have always been spectacular. We want more female students to enroll and be inspired by our elite international faculty arriving this July who also happen to be women.

Brass and woodwind playing have been ‘exotic’ in Nepal for too long. There is no reason that playing a saxophone has to be so much of a difficult reach for a child moreso than learning the guitar for example. There are just a handful of brass and woodwind players in Kathmandu albeit the immense popularity in the international circle. All of us know what these instruments are but we are just not as exposed to the virtuosity radiating from someone who knows how to play them. What we lack is a source of inspiration, a motivation to pick up this ‘exotic’ piece of art.

These children of house of hope are paving their own roads through the bustling streets of music in Kathmandu to be the first girl players of trumpets and trombones in all of Nepal. These girls are progressing at an astronomical rate having had studied with our former visiting faculty Olivia Gilmore who is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, US majoring in trumpet and now studying with our own Basanta Sunam who is a former Nepal Army Band member . The trombone section of the girls are being tutored by Pratick Baniya who is now in the brass section of our all time favorite band 1974AD’s new lineup. Rest assured these girls are in the hands of the best.

To know more about our scholarship programs and if you have any interesting ideas which can help us further our quest, write to us at info@katjazz.com.np

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