All star workshops

We organize educational events at our school many times a semester. We recently had a three day workshop at our school where more than thirty people attended. We are glad to host this event where the students got to learn from many international artists from various fields. We had Daahoud Salim on the piano, Maria Fajardo on Vocals, Jacek Chmiel on the guitar and Abhishek Bhadra teaching composition and piano. Mr. Mariano Abello was teaching improvisation, woodwinds, strings and brass. He is the director of our school and was leading the organizing team for the workshop.

He is also the Executive Director of Jazz Education Abroad, which is a non-profit organization based in  the US. JEA hosts some of the most sought after Jazz Workshops in the world, travelling through many countries like Lebanon, China, Cyprus and Thailand all around the year. Mr. Mariano Abello is part of the many high level artists like Dr. Gene Aitken who organize and teach at these international workshops.

We had many students taking classes in fields like improvisation, composition and music theory throughout these three days. At the end of the day they had combo classes where the students were put in bands and directed by the international faculty. These bands would then go on to perform at the end of the workshop series.

It was a great feeling to have so many participants, most of whom aspire to become professional musicians, gather at the school. The ambience was inspiring. At the end of the workshop, many of the students went home with certificates awarded for their participation. But the main attraction was the audition at the very end. All the students showed off their skills to the faculty because the ones that were chosen would have an almost full scholarship, including flight tickets and lodging, to go to Rangsit University in Thailand and take part in the Thailand Jazz Workshop. Their trip would be sponsored by Mr. Jamey Aebersold himself, who is one of the top music educators in the world. Click here to find out who won and follow us at to stay updated for any future opportunities like this.

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