Dancing to the folk tunes of Nepal

As a pioneer of cross-cultural exchanges in the arts, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory has always supported multiple forms of music expression, not limited to jazz. We recognize the importance of the way of approaching and understanding music, rather than focusing on a specific song or genre. We believe in music’s ability to transcend differences, spark curiosity, and learning.

Nepal is a country rich in geographical diversity – culture, ethnicity and traditions. Even though it is a small country, it has more than a 100 languages within its people. With this wealth of distinctive cultural styles and special heritage, this cultural diversity has translated itself into a diverse array of unique musical styles and sounds. This is the folk music of Nepal, folk being used as a broad term.

We are getting together with musicians specialized in the folk music of Nepal and putting them together with our faculty to form our new Folk music department. We approach the preservation of musical heritage in the sense of making them relevant to our modern era. We don’t want to just preserve it, we want to breathe life into it. We want to bring a piece of Nepal into the modern world.

One of the tools that helps musicians play multiple genres fluently is to understand the subtle things that these styles do differently so that they sound unique. For example, finding out what makes a Nepali song have it’s ‘Nepali’ sound is the key to adding this ‘Nepali’ element to any style of music. Our Harmony and Rhythm classes help to build up the mental tools to analyze any type of music and have the sound you want. This class is for the people that not only want to be able to play music, but also to be able to understand it.

Call us at 01-5543554 or write to us at info@katjazz.com.np to register.

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