Diploma course and teacher training

We have many free events that we do here at KJC. We want to do as many shows and classes as we can that are open to the public so that more people have access to higher quality music education. We have many events like the recent Christmas festival which show what an international level concert sounds like. We also have workshops, which are group classes where anyone can sign up by high level artists like Daahoud Salim that are teaching with us right now. All of these classes and events are free and are designed for advanced musicians and beginners alike. Follow us on facebook to know what we are up to anytime of the week.

Many of our students are people who want to build a career in music. It is not an easy decision here in Nepal, at least not easier than most developed countries. We are happy that we have the opportunity to work together with them and groom them into the successful people they are now, travelling the world with their music. Read our success stories here.

These students want to go the extra mile and get a diploma from our internationally accredited faculty. The diploma program has a more intensive training regimen and a more substantial growth in a shorter amount of time. They also get a certificate to show they have earned their knowledge. It is extremely valuable to have international level artists recommending you in the professional context.

The program covers all aspects important to be a musician like ear training, improvisation, advanced theory and composition. The course is rigorous but the product is an all round musician on an international standard.

This diploma is focused on teaching a person to be able to perform music. There is also another type of music education that is not identified here in Nepal yet: studying to be a music educator. Just because you know how to play an instrument does not automatically qualify you to be able to  teach music. That distinction is rarely made or cared for here in our country. It is mostly because there are no people available that have certificates to prove that they have gone through such a program in the first place.

Our director Mariano Abello is a music educator who travels around the world. He visited us this year to give an intensive crash course on music education to a lot of new aspiring teachers. They learn how to manage a classroom, how to convey information , how to plan your lessons as opposed to learning how to play an instrument. It was also a certified course.

Mariano goes to many countries every year doing workshops and festivals. He is also the Executive Director  of Jazz Education Abroad which is a non-profit based in the USA, dedicated to music education. One of the largest most prominent music educators in the world like Dr. Gene Aitken are a part of this organization.

To find out more about our teacher training programs write us at info@katjazz.com.np

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