Ear training – Learn while you listen

Ear training is the process of developing your musical ear by doing specific exercises or practice effort. It helps you hear more in music and understand what you hear. Many of the “soft skills” of music, which distinguish average musicians from truly great musicians, rely on listening skills, which can be developed by doing ear training.

We are offering ear training course for our students starting this August. You can learn to play by ear, sing in tune, become more musically confident, and more, but first you must train your ears. Our Ear Training program covers basic tonality and establishes basic functional intuition and dictation skills for the student. As a result, a student should be able to recognize and sing all diatonic intervals within an octave, sight sing diatonic melodies, recognize relevant progressions, and obtain the ability to dictate diatonic melodies and appropriate rhythms. Apart from being something gives the student the skill set to learn by simply listening to music or watching a movie and listening to the sounds, it is one of the fundamental aspects that is tested when a student wants to enroll in a university to study music.

The course at our school covers:

  • Major scale
  • Stepwise movement in the major scale
  • Rhythm and Dictation
  • The Major tonic triad and inversions
  • The minor scales
  • The minor tonic triad and inversions
  • Triad recognition
  • Subdominant triad and inversions
  • Dominant triad and inversions

We allow our student to choose between ear training or composition course, for free, according to their preference. We have our international faculty Diandra Danieli and Maria Fajardo giving these classes on Saturday and Sunday. Contact us at info@katjazz.com.np or call us at 01-5013554 to find out more!

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