Music for the visually impaired

We believe in the power of music to heal. We have been giving many scholarships to students who want a career in music over the years. There have been hundreds of students who have walked these halls who are now established musicians. Some of them even travel the world with their music.

We have also been giving scholarships to many people who are differently-abled people here at our conservatory. We believe that out of all of us, they are the people that have the most to say and express. Over the course of time, we want to take these projects into the national and international level.

This year, with the cooperation of Jazz Education Abroad (JEA), which is a non-profit based in the US and is one of the most prominent music education organizations in the world, we are starting a new project.
We have four visually impaired individuals who want to study music with us. We are giving them classes in the saxophone. Even though this is a famous instrument worldwide, it is hard to find in Nepal. It is a pity that this is perpetuated by the fact that there are very few teachers that can tutor a person on the saxophone in the first place.

The education system here does not value music as much as it should. It doesn’t go beyond a generally available instrument like the guitar or the piano. The children in school learn to play a song designated to be played in parents day or graduation day and all they take away from their classes in a year is mostly rote memorization and not an understanding of music.

We strive to provide access to the Nepali public these instruments that are famous all around the world.
Many people do want to study them but do not have the opportunity. Who knows, maybe we will find in a child a prodigy who is struggling because they haven’t found their true instrument yet.

We will be giving these visually impaired people lessons in the saxophone through our foundation starting January. Check out the social projects we are working here and support our work.

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