Applying for a scholarship

To qualify for the KJC Scholarship program, applicants must demonstrate the highest musical merit and potential, as well as proving their financial need. To prove your dedication, you need to study at KJC for at least one semester. If you have what it takes to get a scholarship, then write to us.
Who knows, you might also end up going to international workshops abroad like Thailand Jazz workshop, where many of our students and faculty have already attended, all expenses paid!

To apply for a scholarship, please contact us.

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Your contribution is essential to keep making these stories possible. Wether you are a company, government, organization or an individual, you can help the education in Nepal.

For individual donations, go to our donation page.

For corporate, government, philantropy or other large donations, please contact our coordinator Sunita Shakya on


Stories of success

Since its foundation, KJC has dedicated funds to create opportunities for the dedicated young music students in financial need. Our goal is to provide education to those who a passion to become a musician, no matter of their social background. More than 500 students have received musical education thanks to individual donations, support from organizations around the world and regular fundraising events.

Our Social Projects

Healing, education and opportunities for the new generation

We believe in the power of music and art to impact people’s lives. That is why since KJC started we have been providing education to children in orphanages and disadvantaged areas in Nepal.

Our teachers and volunteers create projects from scratch, offer free music training, put up bands and organize performances. Our goal is the struggle for equality, to empower the Nepali youth and women specially and let them share experiences and express music as a tool for change.

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Read what you have to do and what it’s like to work here !

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Gallery of Volunteers

for the year 2016

These are some of our volunteers that came from different corners of the world. At KJC we are enormously grateful for their labor and becoming part of this extended family.