SU.RI.LO Music Festival


Far away from the hustle of the city, with the changing weather welcoming Dashain, music filled the air in the warm autumn air in Kurintar. The festival was sold out with hundreds of people of people attending to relax for the weekend along the riverside and fresh cut grass and to listen to great bands performing.
The event took place at Summit River Lodge which is a beautiful oasis near Manakamana. After you park near the highway, there is a cozy walk through the dense vegetation and across one our hanging bridges which Nepal is famous for having many of. It really puts you in the moment, out into the wilderness, far from civilization but with every comfort imaginable available at the resort.
People arrived early to enjoy swimming in the pool and walking to the river side when the music started early evening. They started to gather around for Lama Trio which opened the set with some cool ambient music. The stage was very unique. It was covered with strange objects which were glowing with visualizations that danced with the beat.
The groovy part of the show followed as the night carried on. Voodoo U and Rato Tato Chilli Peppers, took the spotlight with their funky, dancy songs that shakes you to your bones.
The music ended with DJ JD and DJ Shirish taking the beat well past midnight getting everyone to rock to it on the dance floor. If you missed it this year, then be sure to keep posted next year because it’s going to be back bigger and better!