Tales from a travelling violinist : Damoon Yagobi

Originally from Iran, Damoon Yaghoobi is an international violinist and improvisation teacher. He is currently based in Kathmandu and teaches violin in KJC.

Since 10 years old, he has journeyed around the world to polish his music-making abilities, starting with music lessons from Russian and Georgian teachers. He continued to refine his techniques by undergoing rich and adventurous studies in the following years, including in Armenia under the tutelage of Armen Harutsunian in the prestigious Arno Babajanian College when he was 19.

His thirst for learning and appreciation for music deepens as he continued to play jazz and gipsy jazz in Tehran. And for four years, he remained in Turkey as he expands his exploration on modern jazz by playing in numerous concerts and recording an album with Polish musicians. Following his time in Turkey, he taught violin and painting in an art academy in Samsun (Black Sea).

He has been teaching with us from this March. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/kathmandujazz to know more about these unique opportunities. Write us at info@katjazz.com.np or call us at 01-5543554 to register for classes and learn the violin

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