The first batch of KJC 2007: Coming home to Kathmandu

When KJC first opened a decade ago, Kathmandu wasn’t the bustling thriving music scene that it is becoming right now. The landscape of Kathmandu had many more farms and fields. Right now Jhamsikhel is a happening place, where a lot of the nightlife and inter-continental cuisine of Kathmandu can be found, but it didn’t used to be like this before.

When the founders of KJC, our directors, opened the doors of this school, the building that is the Gyanmandala building wasn’t even there. The school used to be on the first floor with a handful of students being taught by Mariano Abello. Among these students was one familiar face that might surprise you.

Abhisek Bhadra, our new Academic Director was one of the first students that KJC had. It has been a long musical journey for him since then though. Most people know him from projects like Jindabaad which took the city by storm when it debuted.

The past few years, he went to college to get a degree in music majoring in Composition and Arrangement from the Conservatory of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After doing many successful projects and teaching for a bit in Europe as well, he has come back to Kathmandu. “I thought I would settle there in Europe but Kathmandu kept calling to me. I kept thinking about my responsibility as a musician and I felt the need to give back.”, he says.

Right now he is directing the academics at KJC alongside Daahoud Salim. He is recording again with Jindabaad and plays regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays with Le Piro at Upstairs Jazz. Both of them play the piano to an exceedingly high level and teach advanced students as well as beginner. If you want to take your playing to the next level, write us at or call us at 01-5543554 to register classes with them now!

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